Event Programmes

INDIA DAY showcase numerous Irish and Indian Dance & Musical performances. Bollywood and Traditional Indian dances from various Indian states would be a treat to watch. For an updated list of performances, please watch this space.


photo (1) Folk Dance from Assam

Indian Street Market

Indian Food is a Big Attraction

Dances of India

11150545_1492173747760632_1020276360781714092_n Thiruvathira Dance from Kerela.

11951286_1492166341094706_6448099523621178306_n Giddha Dance from Punjab

11953113_1492168297761177_6772466625012626751_n Kuchipudi from South India

11953113_1492168297761177_6772466625012626751_n Ghumar from Rajasthan

indiaday4 Bhangra from Punjab

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